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Contested Divorce/Uncontested Divorce 

A contested divorce is where the spouses are not in agreement on at least one issue in the case.  In the vast majority of cases, their disagreements are about the primary custody of their children.  Another major source of disagreement is  over the division of marital assets or debts.  IT IS CRITICAL THAT A CLIENT HIRES THE MOST AGGRESSIVE DIVORCE ATTORNEY TO FIGHT ON THEIR BEHALF. OUR FIRM HAS TWO DECADES OF AGGRESSIVE REPRESENTATION IN DIVORCE MATTERS.

In Uncontested Divorces, the parties do agree on all issues regarding the terms of their divorce.  Usually, the parties either draft their own agreement or hire an attorney to draft simple documents to submit to the court on their behalf.  This firm seldom represents clients in uncontested matters.

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Paternity Actions

In these cases, unmarried parties with children hire  attorneys to determine custody rights, including primary custody, child support for the child as well as other matters to protect the best interest of the minor child.  Again, hiring an aggressive law firm such is critical to the successful outcome of their case.

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Relocation Cases

There are times when parties are forced to relocate for a variety of reasons.  It is best to consult us immediately to discuss these matters and obtain advice well prior to making a final decision on how to best approach relocation matters.

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Child Support Cases

Until children reach the age of majority, child support amounts usually require upward adjustments.  This law firm also represents clients in matters of back child support, where a paying parent either willingly refuses to honor their financial obligations to their children.  In these cases, this firm aggressively pursues the obligor by seeking incarceration as well as other legal means available under the law.

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